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eImpound Powered by Locator Technologies

7582 Las Vegas Blvd S, Suite 307
Las Vegas NV 89123 is a powerful new resource that enables law enforcement, state / local government, and others to identify and notify lien holders and insurance carriers at no cost.

eImpound solves the problem of notifying interested third-parties, an often frustrating and time-consuming process, by allowing users to identify and notify them in three easy steps: 1) Sign up for eImpound, 2) Enter the vehicle VIN 3) Wait for the results.

Simply go to and sign up. It takes about 30 seconds, and it's free.

eImpound users can search one VIN at a time or the whole inventory.

If a lien holder or insurer is found, an email is sent to the user showing the lien holder or insurer was identified AND notified. If there is no lien holder or insurer, an email is sent to the user, validating that the VIN was searched through eImpound's database of financed and insured vehicles.

If eImpound can not find the lien holder or insurer, our LienDesk will locate the lien holder or insurance carrier for you. Send the VIN to eImpound and we will find the lien holder and insurer, if they exist.

eImpound is powered by Locator Technologies ( Locator maintains the only automobile lien holder and insurer database with some 40 million lien records.

Save the time, hassle, and costs involved with finding the lien holder and insurer. Go to! Its free!

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